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The new site is up!!

A New Chapter

Hey everyone! I know things have been quiet around these parts lately…like really quiet…super quiet….ok downright dead quiet! BUT that is only because something new and awesome and super amazing is in the works!  Yes, this means I will be soon retiring, but only to make way for something even better. More details will be popping up soon, but for now all I can say is it will be worth it, I promise :)

Pie & the Stuff of Life

The pie of my life can be summed up in three simple words: […]

Fall Placecard Favors

Happy Thanksgiving!  To help decorate our Thanksgiving table, my mom and I made these placecard holders that also double as favors with surprises inside—our take on the Christmas crackers you tend to see around the holidays! […]

Glitter Re-Boot

I know it’s been a while, but it would seem I’ve been lost in a land far, far away. Luckily for you I have emerged with an awesome new project: GLITTER RAIN-BOOTS!!!  I happened to be making a custom pair of glitter high heels, which I know everyone seems to be doing, when I got the brilliant idea to try for rain-boots (’cause I love me a good pair of rubber rain-boots!…and we all know how much I love glitter due to recent posts…)  I guess this makes a nice follow up to my story about it raining glitter[…]