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Snuggies, and Hugglies, and Slankets—Oh My!

The temperature is dropping and there is a chill in the air as the weather gets colder.  You know what that means… …’Tis the season for SNUGGIES (and other full body blankets). I think we can all agree that in … Continue reading

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My Advocacy for the Acceptance of English as a Valuable Major

Despite my previous ramblings on the real meaning behind higher education, I still think that English as a major doesn’t get enough credit.  (Yes, I am an English major, but you should know that I switched my major sophomore year … Continue reading

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What the Heck Do Employers Really Want??

UPDATE 3.30.11: I recently read this article that pretty much gets at the heart of my thoughts here College for all? Experts say not necessarily… As I approach the end of my undergraduate college career and think about what in … Continue reading

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Digital Art vs. Handmade Art

As a jewelry designer-slash-scrapbooker-slash-crafter, I obviously love to make handmade things.  To me there is something very fulfilling about it—to take certain things and turn them into something new using good old fashioned “handy”-work.  There is something quite sensational about … Continue reading

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Hi, Hey, Hello.

Ok so I’m really going to attempt to try to make an effort to strive to get this whole blog thing going….and keep up with it.

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