Digital Art vs. Handmade Art

As a jewelry designer-slash-scrapbooker-slash-crafter, I obviously love to make handmade things.  To me there is something very fulfilling about it—to take certain things and turn them into something new using good old fashioned “handy”-work.  There is something quite sensational about hearing the cutting of paper, feeling dried glue/paint/glitter on your hands (and in your hair), and smelling the sharp sting of alcohol inks.  (Ok so maybe this ‘sensational’ feeling is partly a result of being slightly high off of inhaling a little too much E600, but that’s part of the charm of hands-on crafting!)

I’ll be honest though, I am quite jealous of all you people who can create such amazing digital art.  I have tried a few times, and failed quite miserably.  I just can’t quite seem to get the hang of it.  I end up getting really frustrated because I will have an idea in my head and I just don’t have the skill or knowledge of how to actually make it happen using a tablet/mouse and keyboard.  I watch tutorials or other people doing it, and to me it just seems like magic—you click a button and presto!  The possibilities are endless, and it’s just way too overwhelming for me!  (I also find it upsetting that ‘digital glitter’ never looks as cool as the real thing. Sorry, but it just isn’t the same.)

Anyway, kudos to all you digital wizards—I’ll just have to stick with my trusty glue gun and Sharpie’s…Who’s with me?

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