Snuggies, and Hugglies, and Slankets—Oh My!

The temperature is dropping and there is a chill in the air as the weather gets colder.  You know what that means…

…’Tis the season for SNUGGIES (and other full body blankets).

I think we can all agree that in the past year we all saw the gigantic spike in demand for Snuggies (unless you have been hiding under a rock, I presume), and even my family joined in on the craze, getting snuggies for everyone last Christmas.  I admit that I have developed somewhat of a fascination with these simple yet practical coverings, and have been taking note of all Snuggie related items I see, as well as the Snuggie’s sister blankets.

The following is a brief catalog of my findings.

Of course there is the original, to which none other can truly compare (especially with an ad as awesome as this one):

My favorite Snuggie ad of all time. I ripped it out of a magazine and it has been on our fridge ever since last year.

My favorite Snuggie ad of all time. I ripped it out of a magazine and it has been on our fridge ever since last year.

And as the ad shows, pets are not excluded from keeping extra warm whilst still having their paws be free—ya know, to read, use the remote, talk on the phone, etc.  Here is my little guy rockin’ his:

Now, for those of you who are not quite ready for the awesomeness of a real Snuggie, we offer you the beginner’s economy model, the Hugglie, at a modest price of only $9.99:

If you’re looking for a a more advanced model, try the sophisticated Slanket.  Originally $59.95, this clearance price of $39.98 seems like a steal!

And now for the pièce de résistance, the BMW of blankets-with -sleeves: the Nuddle! Not only does it have an outer pouch to store odds and ends, but it also has a bonus foot pouch to keep your tozies extra cozy.  The price is a bit steep at $75.00, but can you really put a price on “ultra-plush” comfort? (Plus it comes in colors such as “Latte” and “Chocolate”. Do I eat it or keep warm in it? I don’t know, but I like it either way!)

*And as an added bonus for all you Snuggie lovers out there who like to “get on your Snuggie” whilst getting it on, here’s a book that shows a Snuggie…many uses:

Enough said about that one.

So there you have it—an entire range of blankets-with-sleeves, from cheap and easy to costly and luxurious.  I’ll be on the lookout for more adaptations of this miraculous invention, which I know you all will be impatiently awaiting.

UPDATE (12/9/10)

Wouldn’t you know that two days after I posted this I found TWO more snuggie-esque blankets? What luck!

The first is the appropriately named Fuzzie Wuzzie.  While this one is only $10, it also boasts pockets and a velcro strip to fasten it at your neck—no more slippage when you stand up!

And next is perhaps geared towards the more yuppie crowd: the “Softie Overwrap.” Now don’t let it’s demure name fool you—this baby has a zipper and everything.  As the box says, wear it as a poncho OR use it as a blanket—it’s really a 3 in one piece: ultra-soft wrap, oversized throw, and napping blanket (wait is it just me or do these all mean the same thing…). Anyway, you can’t go wrong with this one folks—rather than the PC “one size fits most” that the majority of these boxes say, the Softe Overwrap prides itself that “one size fits all.”

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  1. Jessica says:

    Brookstone even makes one! It’s called the N*A*P Comfy Ultra-Plush Blanket w/ Sleeves!|CXConsiderationProductsFDT|8281601

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