Candle Centerpiece

Ok folks—here is a little something I came up with as part of my handmade holiday gifts.

I started out with 2 plain white candles—I cut one so it stood a little shorter than the other.  I then used a heat tool and a rubber stamp to emboss a pattern on each candle. (Use the heat tool to soften one area of the candle at a time, then press into the soft wax with the stamp.)

I then used pigment powders and a dry paintbrush to color the candle, varying the amount of powder as well as the pressure of the brush to get the desired color design. (Just be careful when touching the ‘painted’ parts—if you don’t use anything to seal the powder, it can rub off very easily! If you choose to seal it, pay attention to what you use—a flammable medium is probably not a very good idea for a candle! lol)

I then chose some colored wire and a few beads to make a ‘candle necklace’.

After my candles were all set, I used a hot glue gun to glue them to the charger plate.  I also glued all of the decorative beads on the plate—a somewhat tedious process, but I didn’t want them loose, especially since I was giving this to a family with kids. I then cut and glued bits of a ‘frosted’ branch, and added silk flowers and leaves.

I love this idea because of the endless possibilities, from the design on the stamp to the color scheme used. I also have ideas for variations using holiday themes.

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