earPhone 4: This Changes Everything. Again. Really. For Serious.

…Ok so maybe it only changes the fact that your ears may get cold, but to some this is a super important issue.

So yesterday, as I sat staring— with cold ears—at the 2 feet of snow in my backyard, I got this brilliant brainstorm to make my own earmuffs. I have seen a few commercially made ones around and thought to myself, “hey, I can do that.”  So I did a little research and used a bit of good old fashioned creativity to come up with this:


Yes, this pic was taken with my (real) iPhone 4. Yes, that is my MacBook Pro. No, I do not work for or get compensated by Apple.

I took some felt, some foam, and a wire coat hanger and bada bing bada boom the earPhone 4!  It started off quick and easy enough—until I decided to add the app icons.  I seem to have a thing for making myself crazy with tedious tasks, especially when it comes to the iPhone.  Do we all remember the iPhone charm incident of 2010?  When I swore I would never make anything like it again because it was so teeny, tiresome, tedious and time consuming??

I should have taken a pic to scale, but you will just have to believe it is about the size of a fingernail. I have witnesses.

Yea…so much for that!  Although I will admit that this time around the felt icons were significantly larger to work with (relative to the charm), so yay for that.

And as I sit here writing this, I just had an overwhelming feeling of the comfort of warm ears—I had forgotten I still was wearing them! Now I can truly testify that they really do keep your ears warm. Huzzah!


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