Some Pretty Cool Old Stuff

So yesterday Cliffpro and I went to this crazy antique place in Stratford, CT with Momert and Bobert.  The place was pretty overwhelming, but we came away with two pretty cool things.

The first is this dollhouse that was a pretty sweet deal.

The tag had it at only $49 which I thought was pretty good to begin with, but we happened to catch the lady who was selling it and she sold it to us for only $35 (including the table it was on).  She said she had gotten it at some place near Fairfield, and the lady she got it from told her how she used to play with it when she was younger—she would stick her feet under the table to do so.

It clearly needs a bit of touching up, and I plan to fully restore it.  I have been wanting to do something with dollhouses for a while now (and have been obsessed with all things miniature since as long as I can remember).

If all else fails though, at least I know it makes a nice house for Curious!

This also made me nostalgic for the dollhouse my grandfather made me when I was little, so I dug it out and dusted it off.

He modeled the exterior colors off of the house I grew up in, and even wall-papered the inside walls!

Anyway, the other cool thing we found was an original 1936 (ish) Monopoly (sans board). Only 6 bucks!

The game actually hasn’t changed much, other than the fact that the houses/hotels were wooden then, and the Chance/Community Chest cards were blank on the back, and a few other minor differences we spotted (concerning the playing pieces, spaces, etc.).

The pieces are all eroded (or is it corroded? never was much for science…) …the point is they are all yucky! But in a cool way.

And my favorite part—the dice! Just crumbled pieces.

I dunno…it seems kind of neat to me that this game was new and being played like 75 years ago.  Kinda blows my mind.  That’s why I like to look through antique stores—yea some of the stuff can be sorta gross, but you never know if you’ll find something cool!  My only regret of the day is not being able to get the gumball machine with a sign on it that said something like “this machine is 50 years old. So are the gumballs inside. DO NOT EAT”.  Sigh. Maybe someday…

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