Kitty Litter Cake

Curious when we first got him, 3 years ago. So cute!!

Today is my and Cliffpro’s little Curious’ 3rd birthday, and since my mom and I can’t resist an opportunity for a good theme, mom busted out her recipe box and suggested I make a Kitty Litter Cake to celebrate the occasion.

I’m sure plenty of you have seen/heard of this, and there are plenty of pics floating around the interwebs, but it is just so disgustingly funny that I have to share:

I promise this is not real poopy litter. I'm sort of proud (as well as horrified) it looks so real.

I literally laughed out loud to myself while making this. It is just so wrong, yet so amusing.

I modified the recipe a bit, using the ‘Heads or Tails’ Oreos (one side is golden, one side is regular chocolate) to give the realistic litter coloring. I also only used one box of chocolate and vanilla swirl cake mix, and only one box of vanilla pudding.  I put this in a foil roasting pan rather than a new litter box, and the plastic fly business (as suggested in the above recipe) was so not going to happen.  I’m grossed out enough as it is! I did opt for a new pooper scooper server, though…

Even Curious isn’t quite sure what to make of it. We’ll see who is willing to try it after dinner tonight!

Happy Scooping!


UPDATE: Later that night…

Well I’d say the cake was a rousing success, judging by the fact mom almost needed an oxygen mask and Bobert’s face turned a nice shade of red (both from laughing so hard). I wish we could have a transcript of the dessert conversation, but all I can say is beware our house at Halloween..

Here are some pics of the poop scoopin’ madness:


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2 Responses to Kitty Litter Cake

  1. Bill Kenney says:

    Although I admire the creativity and final product I just cannot get past the “gross factor” that my brain is pushing on me haha. Great job!!!! So real looking I can’t seem to even think about eating it.

    • Jessica says:

      I totally understand..I made the thing and I had a hard time eating it! My mind kept thinking I was really eating kitty litter despite the fact I knew it was only cake and cookies. Talk about a strange ‘mind over matter’ experience. But I’m glad you still appreciate the execution…I’ll take it as a compliment it looks so real! :)

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