Birthday Cake Stitch Markers: Mom’s B-Day Part 1

Yay! Happy Birthday to my Mommy!

Since my mom likes to knit, as part of her gift I decided to make these cute little birthday cake stitch markers out of polymer clay. I couldn’t decide whch kind of cake I wanted to go for, so I decided to do both a chocolate and a vanilla.

I didn’t have time to take pics of the process, but I basically used clay in the cake colors to make an entire rounded cake (with a section of icing in the middle!), sliced it up into 8 pieces, then mixed some TLS (translucent liquid sculpey) with kneaded clay until an icing-like consistency was reached.  I then ‘iced’ each piece of cake, and made little round sprinkles in various colors. I stuck an eye pin into the side before baking, and voila! So cute and they look so yummy!

Perhaps you will see some in my Etsy shop soon! Keep an eye out…

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