Plush Marshmallow Bunny Hair Clips: How To

A few weeks ago I saw the cutest tutorial for plush marshmallow bunnies by Amanda on her Dandelions and Lace blog. As part of an Easter basket gift I’m working on, I needed something a little smaller, so I adapted her pattern to these adorable little hair clips.  So fun and so cute—they look good enough to eat! Read on to learn how to make them!To start, visit the Dandelions and Lace blog to download the pattern—and to take a look at her full plushie tutorial! The Marshmallow Bunny Plushie post can be found here. (I scaled the pattern down to 35% before printing to make about a 2.5″ bunny).

Trace and cutout the two bunny pieces and the side strip.

If you would like to make your bunnies sparkle, use a clear/white glitter glue and spread on the fabric/felt using a small piece of cardboard with a straight edge.

Leave to dry completely (I like to leave them overnight, just to be safe!)

Using a piece of soft craft foam, trace the bunny template. (You only need one per clip). I uses Airtex regular-density foam (they come in packages sized 1″ x 15″ x 17″).

Using a a craft knife, “trace” your pattern as you cut around it.  *Note: don’t worry about cutting through the entire piece in one shot—I usually trace/cut the pattern about 3 times, each time cutting through a little deeper.

It doesn’t need to be perfect, as it will be covered by your fabric anyway, but try to get it as close to the shape you want—this will just make it easier when it comes time to sew.

Use small pins to pin your fabric pieces in place over the foam.

Hand sew the edges using whichever type of stitch you feel most comfortable with.

All done stitching! Don’t forget to remove the pins!

Next take an alligator clip and sandwich a small piece of scrap fabric (in a matching color) between the prongs.

Using hot glue and a green fiber yarn, glue the yarn to the scrap fabric (so it will look like grass). Then glue your bunny on top of that. You may need to add some more yarn to the sides of the bunny to give it more depth.

Use a toothpick and some Weldbond glue to adhere small flat-back crystals for the eyes.  I didn’t have any brown crystals on hand, so I decided to just use plain clear/white ones, which I think look cute, even though the real peeps have brown eyes. (Yes, this sort of detail kinda bothers me, but I’m learning to cope lol)

And voilà! Cute bunny clippies!

I tried making an original peep as well. I like the way it came out, but the shape just doesn’t really lend itself to a hair clip…looks kinds funny just sitting on your head haha. So for now I’m just sticking with the bunny clips, but I’m sure there are many other uses for the classic peeps!

Hoppy Easter!


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6 Responses to Plush Marshmallow Bunny Hair Clips: How To

  1. Amanda says:

    These are too cute!! I love the way you added sparkle to them! Thank for linking to my tutorial! :)

  2. Logan's Mommy says:

    Please can you give the name and type of fabric you used for these adorable bunnies. Is it felt?

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