Macaroni and Cheese Sandwich

Alright I’m sure there are probably a ton of versions of this sort of thing available on these here interwebs; however, at the time I was making this, I felt it was quite ingenious.

A big fan of mac n’ cheese, I felt I needed to change it up a bit. We had some delicious rolls hanging around, and suddenly it hit me—PUT THE MAC N’ CHEESE ON THE ROLL!!

I couldn’t stop there, however. I needed to take that extra step. Thus, the tomato.  Come on guys, this is a great way to add a healthy veggie to your extremely unhealthy starchy/cheesy goodness! It somehow makes you feel less guilty…

I call it the McCheese-Toe! Or maybe the Maca-cheese-toe….but that kinda sounds like a Native American river or something…ok I’ll keep working on a name…

I also envision this made with homemade macaroni and cheese (yes, I used boxed for this. please don’t judge me), and someday if I’m feeling really daring I’m going to put broccoli in the macaroni and cheese too!

It’s delicious. Go try one. I dare you.



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One Response to Macaroni and Cheese Sandwich

  1. Diana says:

    Try the mac n cheese with tuna in it, or with green peas, or both.

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