Glitter Pinwheel Cuff Bracelets: How To

Ok I admit it—I’m addicted to glitter. I love how it sparkles and I love the various colors and textures.  After coming across some awesome glitter packets, I knew something needed to be made with them! How fun and colorful!I happened to be using this glitter for another project, and as I was talking to someone about something completely unrelated, I started to fidget (as I am apparently known to do) with the glitter pack. All of a sudden I wrapped it around my wrist, and was struck by the inspiration to turn it into a bracelet!  It took a bit of planning and a few revisions, but I think I finally got a system that works more making these bold wearable art pieces.  Here’s how to make them:

Start by purchasing these glitter/sequin packs from your local craft store. (Or try searching online?) There are a few different varieties, but my favorites are the sequins, velvet glitter, holographic glitter, and regular glitter (not pictured above)

Remove the plastic and unfold the top.

Trim the tops off so that the total length will be about 10 inches. The amount you cut off will vary, depending on the size of the pack to begin with (for example, the sequins have less colors, so the pack is a bit shorter. I still cut it to 10″, I just will have more ‘extra’ space at the end).

Choose your color felt, and trace and cut out a piece of felt to match the back of your glitter pack.  Using a strong glue (I like Weldbond), adhere the felt to the cardboard backing.

Do the same for the extra white space you have on the right side of the pack.  Let both sides dry completely. ( I like to leave them overnight, just to be safe!)

Once your felt has dried, mark on both sides where you would like the snaps to go.  Using mini anorak snaps (or any snaps you prefer) and the attachment tools, attach two sets of snaps to your bracelet.

And now your bracelet is ready to wear! (btw, if you find that the packs are not staying on their backing, you may want to use some strong double sided tape or hot glue to reinforce them. I do this for all the ones I make, just to be safe! All you have to do it gently peel the packs off the cardboard backing, slap a layer of the double stick tape on each side, then reattach the packs, or use the same technique using hot glue—just be careful not to burn yourself!.)

Once I had one of each kind made, I couldn’t resist taking lots of pictures of all the pretty colors! Here are some of my favorites:

Can’t find the materials? Don’t have the time or energy to make your own? Too lazy to make your own? Just want to support a fellow crafter? These bracelets are also available for purchase in my Etsy shop!

*While I don’t mind sharing my “secrets” on how to make projects like this, and I fully encourage you to make your own for yourself, friends, and family, I please just ask you do not use this tutorial to make items to sell for personal profit. :D Thanks!


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3 Responses to Glitter Pinwheel Cuff Bracelets: How To

  1. Michelle L. says:

    Okay, this is INSANELY clever and cute. You are a crafter after my own heart! I am off to check out the rest of your blog and etsy shop. Cool project!!!

    • Jessica says:

      Thanks! I’m glad you like it. Hopefully I’ll keep these kinds of projects coming!

      (btw, loved your idea for a springy bracelet clasp! so clever!)

  2. Pecahes says:

    Are you kiddin me with this fabulous thing?!?! Genius. Reminds me of little glitter jelly bracelets I had as a kid. Too fun!

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