Mini Flower Pot Necklace: How To

With Mother’s Day and Spring in the air, I decided it was time to make something flowery. What better than a pot filled with miniature flowers that you can wear right around your neck (and that you don’t have to water!). Read on to find out how to make this adorable miniature.

UPDATE: After some testing with these necklaces, I found that oven bake polymer clay doesn’t  really hold too well. For a stronger necklace, follow the same instructions below, but use air dry clay and E-6000 glue. It will be much stronger after about a day when the clay air dries! (JUST REMEMBER TO OMIT THE BAKING STEP!!)

I started with these mini clay pots that I found a while back in my local craft store (along with the bajillion other size clay pots they have). They were too cute to pass up, and I had tucked them away until I could think of a use for them.

Take a piece of brown clay and soften until you can roll it into a ball. Pinch the bottom a little so it can fit into the bottom of the pot while still having a rounded top.

I think it looks like an ice cream cone at this point, which really makes me want some ice cream…

Next, using either some TLS (translucent liquid sculpey) or even Weldbond, glue the clay into the pot (to secure it) and use a paintbrush to paint a layer of TLS/glue onto your clay. (I used TLS because I knew I would be baking it, so if you use glue just make sure it’s not too too flammable..)

To add some authenticity, I decided to add some real potting soil/dirt to the clay. You can choose to skip this step, as most of it will be covered anyway, but I think this attention to detail really makes it that much cuter!

Take two eye pins and push them into either side of the clay. (Reinforce using some TLS/glue).

For the flowers you will need some small head pins, yellow seed beads, and some flower confetti/sequins.

Put a seed bead on the pin, then put the end of the pin through the hole in the center of the flower (if your flower does not already have a hole, simply use the pin to poke through the center). Push the flower into the clay.

Continue working your way around the pot, varying the color flowers (if you so choose).  It would also be fun to find all different color flowers, or even use different color seed beads for a really colorful arrangement!

For the next step I put my pots in my clay cooking toaster oven in order to firm up the clay. You won’t be able to leave it in too long, but you really just need to keep the clay from being super soft.

Remove your pots when you see the flowers starting to curl.  In all honesty you could probably substitute the clay for some foam or something and just use glue to keep everything in place, but I think the “curling” effect of the flowers helps to give it some more dimension.

I added some chain to either side (attaching to the eye pins) to make the necklace. I found that my eye pins were still slipping out a bit (the TLS wasn’t able to set up completely in the oven, so I just pulled them out, added some Weldbond glue, then stuck them back in).

As soon as I get some more pots I plan to make some different version using the various flower sequins/confetti I can find. I also envision a topiary type thing using the regular round green sequins.

Happy Planting! Send me pics of your lovely flower plot creations and I’ll post them up here!

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