Portal Mirrors: How To

Those of you who know me are aware that me and ‘gamer’ do not often go in the same sentence (unless there is a ‘not’ in between). Seeing as though my Cliffpro is into that stuff, however, means I pick up a few things here and there. As a belated birthday gift for his sister we decided to make some portal mirrors in honor of the recent release of Portal 2.

We saw some variations of portal mirrors online, most of which use orange and blue rope lights. Since we had little time and couldn’t find the correct color rope lights the day we needed them, we had to improvise a little. Considering the time frame we had and the resources available to us, we think they came out pretty cool! Read on to learn how we made them!

As with most home decorating projects, we started at Ikea. We found these two “Kolja” mirrors for about $15 each.

We then got some Gallery Glass paint in four colors: Blue Diamond, Royal Blue, Pumpkin Orange, and Sunny Yellow.

We then used the paint to make a swirly/fiery border around each mirror.

We let them dry overnight, just to be safe.

Note that when this type of paint dries, it has a stained glass type look.

Ok now here is where we had to get a bit more creative without the rope lights. As we searched about three different stores to get inspiration, we found these little battery operated lights at the craft store (I always knew craft stores were the best!). At only about $4 a piece, we got four sets, two for each portal.

We taped them around the backside of each mirror, using one pack of lights for each side.

To make life a little easier we used Velcro to attach the battery packs to the back of each mirror.

To cover the lights, we got cellophane in blue, orange, and yellow.

We cut the cellophane into strips, and then scrunched them up along the edge and used hot glue to adhere it. Sorry there aren’t too many pictures of this part, but I was too busy burning my fingers. I caution you to be very careful if using the hot glue method, since the mirrors are such an awkward shape and they can’t stand up on their own, not to mention the hot glue melts the cellophane so you can’t really hold it down or else you burn yourself (yes, I learned this the hard way). I’m sure someone could come up with something better, but once we started there was no turning back…

Here are the mirrors with the cellophane on. (Unfortunately the window sill was the only place I could rest them side by side, so I apologize for the washed out back light). While our intention was to make these decorative for day time, we think they are much cooler at night! We think they would be best hung up on opposite walls, so they face each other to get that infinite portal effect.

Since they are a gift we weren’t able to hang them up and take pictures of them in all their portal-y glory, but hopefully someday I will be able to get some pics of them actually hanging up so you all can get the full effect.

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