My First Adventure with a Walking Foot

As I am pretty much a novice when it comes to the sewing scene, I love anything that makes my life easier when it comes to using a sewing machine.  I got into making blankets with satin binding around the edges, but found it would always get all sorts of messed up when trying to keep five layers (binding, fabric 1, batting, fabric 2, binding) together and straight no matter how much I pinned them in place.  I always managed to get by, but once I discovered my sewing machine came with a walking foot and I learned what it did I leapt for joy (ok maybe I didn’t really leap, but I truly was super excited).

For those of you who may not be ‘in the know’ about this magical little attachment, a walking foot is a type of presser foot for a sewing machine that grips the top of the fabric to feed it along while the feet on the bottom of the machine pull the bottom fabric so that it all stays together while feeding through the machine. (As opposed to a regular presser foot just holding the fabric down while the bottom feet do all the work.)

I found it helped to use my right hand to grab the fabric from the back of the machine as it came through—this helped to make sure the stitches were going through all the layers, especially catching the edge of the binding on the bottom side.

I used my left hand to guide the fabric along the side to keep it straight.

My blanket still didn’t come out 100 % perfect—I had to adjust a few times when the fabric slipped or all the layers didn’t quite catch, and I still have a few crooked stitches, but overall I think it turned out ok. The walking foot certainly made it easier!

I also had an unfortunate incident with one of the corners, but as I believe little mistakes can be fixed using some good ol’ creative thinking, I made a little loop to cover up the bad corner. Looks like I planned it that way, eh? ;)

Here are two previous blankets I made, pre-walking foot.

I’ll still be working on perfecting the binding, so any helpful hints or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :)

Be Calm and Sew On….with a walking foot!



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