Where I Create: My Craft Corner

I should probably start this by saying that I have some serious craft-space envy. I am obsessed with any and all books/magazines/blogs/pictures/etc. showcasing the crafty spaces of others, and I dream about the day I will have an entire space dedicated to my own crafting.  For now, however, due to space limitations, I am constrained to one little corner in our basement.  Here is a glimpse into my small-yet-packed craft corner!

I have a desk to one side that has shelving on top for storage. I generally love IKEA, but I must admit this particular unit took 5 people to put together. Thanks to those of you who helped, you know who you are!  (I know things got a little too close for comfort for a minute there, but thankfully no one was harmed…physically anyway…)

Obviously the most unique part of my space is the gigantic library card catalog that houses all of my smaller knick-knacks and supplies—my “craft catalog.” I have to give my mom credit, because it is technically hers (and yes, she is a librarian!). She is, however, graciously letting me use it for all my treasures and trinkets and such.

It has 39 smaller drawers (it’s sadly missing one) and 4 larger drawers at the bottom.

To go with the antique theme of the catalog, here is the beginning of my collection of old craft supplies—an old classic pincushion that has all sorts of pins and such stuck in it, 3 old spools of thread, and some old glitter! I love the idea of someone using these supplies years and years ago to make crafty things.

But by far my favorite part of the whole thing is my glitter drawer! I admit sometimes I’ll just sit and stare at all the pretty colors.  Wouldn’t you?

So that’s just a small glimpse into my creative space. It’s constantly growing as I find more and more stuff to fill it with.  My ultimate goal in life is to have an entire craft castle filled with awesome inspirational finds and plenty of space and tools to work on all sorts of projects! Hey, a girl can dream, right?


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