Girlie Gifts Part 2: Princess Paint Set

Here’s another easy girlie gift—a Princess Paint Set!

You can either buy an apron and embellish it, or you can make your own.  Since I was going for a Disney Princess specific theme, I got some Disney fabric, matching ribbon, and purple trim.  It’s a simple waist apron with pockets to keep the paintbrushes and other painting materials in.

For the paints I purchased bottles of sparkly paint, then had Cliffpro design some simple labels and I taped them over the original ones.

I also bought a miniature easel to go with the miniature canvases, and painted the easel a metallic blue. I also glued some rhinestones on to give it some extra sparkle.

I also purchased some wood-handles paintbrushes and painted the handles metallic colors. A small paint tray will be useful to pour the paints into when the little artist gets to work.

To finish,  put everything in a box or container—I was lucky enough to find this cylindrical princess box, which everything fit perfectly into!

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