Yarn Ball Wreath

While trolling the interwebs with my mom one day, we came across a picture of a wreath that was composed of yarn balls and knitting needles. Mother, being an obsessive a devoted knitter AND wreath collector, requested I whip one up for her. Here’s how it goes:

You will need some yarn, knitting needles you are willing to either purchase or part with, and a wreath. I chose grapevine, but straw or covered Styrofoam would work too.

Next you will need to wind up some yarn balls. If you are lucky enough to have one of those special machines that does it for you, more power to ya. I, however, decided to roll them myself. Having never done it I suspected it would be easy peasy. Hah! While it isn’t difficult per se, it is rather annoying, tedious, and time consuming.  Make them whatever size you feel would best fit your wreath. Again, mostly because I was sick of rolling the yarn balls I chose to do six small-medium ones and spaced them out on the wreath.  Feel free to make them bigger and have them touching so they cover the entire wreath.

Once you are all done with the ball making madness, a good trick is to use masking tape to lay out the composition of your pieces before actually gluing them down.  This will allow you to get the spacing just right.

Hot glue all the pieces down and there you have it!

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