Curious the Cat: Not So Crafty But Incredibly Cute!

Yes, it’s going to be one of those posts. You know the ones where people show off pictures of their kids and think they are the cutest most adorable things ever. Every mother thinks the same thing, just about her own respective child(ren). Well since I’m not a mother to an actual human child, I’m gonna be the gushing mommy type about my cat-child. Every bit as cute as a real child, imo, with just as much personality. But fluffier.

Well let’s start at the beginning, shall we? Here is the lil’ man the first day we met him. Cliffpro and I were strolling the mall (Yes, he is a mall cat.  We’ve heard the pros, we’ve heard the cons, we got him at the mall anyway so let’s move on) and had absolutely no intentions of buying much of anything let alone a kitten. We saw this little guy lookin’ all sad and lonely whilst his brothers and sisters pounced around him and decided just to take him out for a short visit. We had one rule: DON’T NAME HIM.

Cut to about 20 minutes later when we named him Curious since he was, well, curious about everything. (10 points for originality). I won’t get into all the details here so as not to bore you any further (cause let’s be honest, you really just wanna scroll down to see cute kitten pics) but let’s just say it was fated that we take home the little fluff ball. (For those who may be interested he is a half Siamese/half Himalayan mix).

Now for the cute pictures!

He was the littlest most sleepy kitty ever when we first got him. He was actually pretty much borderline narcoleptic.

I swear this is just him sleeping! To this day when he is out cold you can basically pose him anyway you want.

The only time he didn’t want to sleep, however, was when it was mommy’s sleepytime. The first few days I didn’t want to leave him alone to wander the house (especially with two other grown cats on the loose) so I tried to get him to sleep in his carrier. Wrong.

Thankfully it was just a phase and he learned to adapt to my sleep schedule…and position.

Bath time was clearly not his favorite.

He got a little older and went through a brief moody/angsty teenage phase. Woe is him.

And yes I am that girl who likes to dress up her cat.

Happy Holidays! These were Christmas cards that year.

He also loves birthdays. (I even made a special cake to celebrate his this year!)


Love that hat!

We’re gonna need a bigger boat..

One cool cat.

Bowl o’ Curious.

This is where he was hiding seconds before out Christmas tree fell over. No joke.

He takes after the gamer in Cliffpro.

And he takes after the color lover in me! (Ok, so maybe he IS a little crafty..)

Casualties of an epic Nerf war.

This time he was more prepared.

And lately his favorite toy is the ipad! There is a mouse toy app that he just LOVES.

fUn FaCtS

—He likes to talk a lot and will occasionally have conversations with people. (Clearly I mean he will meow back to a person’s questioning. I’m not that crazy here people).

—When he eats his dry food he will take one single piece out of the bowl with his paw, throw it on the floor, bat it around for a while, then eat it.

—The printer is his best friend. He will wake from a dead sleep at the slightest noise from it, and sit next to it even after it is done printing until we close the paper tray. Then he knows play time is over.

—When we first got him he fit in a shoe.

—He loves to cuddle like a real person and when he is really happy he will drool on me. (Even I admit it can be quite gross, but the look of content he gets is so stinkin’ cute).

—I have never seen a cat meow with as much emotion as he does. You can tell when he is sad, frustrated, lonely, proud, etc.

—Pork chops are his favorite.

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  1. That’s my little guy! :D

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