Home Sweet Home Wreath

My take on the traditional “Home Sweet Home” decor, this wreath is sure to sweeten any home! Here’s how to make it:

For this project you will need a Styrofoam wreath, some yarn, tacky glue, and assorted embellishments that go along with a dessert/sugar/cake/sweet theme.

The first step is to wrap the Styrofoam wreath with the yarn. I suggest cutting off manageable pieces of yarn that you can roll up to pass back and forth and around the wreath. Start by gluing the first end down, then continue wrapping the yarn.  Add glue periodically to keep it all in place.

Continue until the entire wreath is covered.

Using the same technique, add a contrasting yarn in various places around the wreath.

Now for the fun part—decorating your wreath! I didn’t take any “how to” pictures for this part, mainly because I think that is where your own creativity should be expressed! (Also partly because I just sort of flew by the seat of my pants and didn’t have a set plan on how to decorate it before I started).

Here are some close-up pics of my design choices:

I used felt to make the spiral rosettes and pipe cleaners to make the “squiggles.” (Wrap the pipe cleaners around a pencil/marker/etc. and push one end right into the Styrofoam).  The words are chipboard stickers (glued down for reinforcement) and the sweet treats are scrapbooking stickers.  I also glued in some sparkly pom poms and rhinestones.

Since I didn’t have any hooks or wreath hangers, my improvised idea for a ‘hook’ to hang this is to grab a pin back and a keychain split ring. Hot glue the pin back to the back of your wreath, and hook the ring in it.

I also think a variation would be really cute with handmade felt goodies (cake, cookies, etc.). I’d love to hear and see your ideas on this since there are so many possibilities!



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