It’s Raining Glitter: An Anecdote

Since my craft supplies are in the process of being moved to a new location and I haven’t really been able to share any new tutorials, y’all will just have to put up with my random ramblings. Today I decided to share a story that any crafter will hopefully appreciate, especially if you love (or hate) glitter!

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In case you missed my post on my craft space including pics of my glitter drawer, the bottom line is that I have a slight (and by slight I mean really big) obsession with glitter. I love how it sparkles, I love the colors it comes in, and I just love looking at it!

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Since I like to live with the mentality so eloquently described in the above picture, when designing the look of my new bedroom I knew glitter would definitely be involved.  In the past I had seen a few places where glitter was magically adhered to the ceiling and I knew I wanted that in my room! When we moved five years ago I had wanted it but could not seem to find any answers on how to do it, so I sadly went without. My ceiling remained bare and bland.  This time around, however, I was determined to make it happen! I mean come on—is a glitter filled ceiling really too much to ask?

This time the glitter gods smiled upon me. What luck! I found this glitter gun on Ebay for $15 (brief pause to reflect on the point that I now own a glitter gun !) and the instructions seemed simple enough—pour glitter into gun, paint ceiling, spray on glitter while still wet.

Now that I had the tools, all we had to do was execute.  Cliffpro and I devised a plan that seemed foolproof enough: he would use the roller to paint sections of the ceiling and I would follow around spraying the glitter before the paint dried.  No problemo, right?  Well it did work, but I pretty much ended up looking like this:

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Ok so maybe I didn’t look exactly like that, but it is no exaggeration to say that the glitter got EVERYWHERE. There was more glitter on the floor than the ceiling by the time we were done! There was glitter in my hair, stuck to my arms, on my face, and even in my eye! I’m pretty sure I even ate some…by accident..I think…

We trailed it through the house while trying to get cleaned up, and I even found some in my shoe three days later! Thankfully it was the chunky kind of ceiling glitter, so the majority of it vacuumed up easily enough.  We are, however, still finding remnants.  I’m ok with it though.

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I will post some before and after pics of the whole room once it’s finished, but all in all the ceiling looks pretty good in my opinion! It is noticeable while still being subtle, and the chandelier (that is on a dimmer switch) makes it sparkle so perfectly.  As an added bonus, my brother, who literally treats glitter like herpes, is afraid to come in for fear glitter will just pour down on him.  That would have come in handy when I was younger….

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So you can call it tacky or you can call it messy or you can call it impractical, but my glitter ceiling makes me happy.  Period.  I also got to fulfill a lifelong dream of being caught in a rain-storm of glitter. It was pretty fantastic to say the least.

So that’s it folks. But remember, when in doubt, always add:

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