Glitter Re-Boot

I know it’s been a while, but it would seem I’ve been lost in a land far, far away. Luckily for you I have emerged with an awesome new project: GLITTER RAIN-BOOTS!!!  I happened to be making a custom pair of glitter high heels, which I know everyone seems to be doing, when I got the brilliant idea to try for rain-boots (’cause I love me a good pair of rubber rain-boots!…and we all know how much I love glitter due to recent posts…)  I guess this makes a nice follow up to my story about it raining glitter

To start you will need a plain pair of rubber rain-boots.  I found my pair for about $25.  The color doesn’t really matter, since it will be covered anyway, but it would be nice if you could find a complimentary color to the color glitter you wish to use so that the inside and soles will match, but if not no big deal.

You will also need Tulip brand Fashion Glitter Bond, some paintbrushes, and of course, GLITTER.

I also set up a glitter tray and place to put my boots to dry ( a piece of wax or freezer paper). For the tray I simply covered a cardboard box with tinfoil, then put a piece of packing tape in one corner to make a ‘chute’ or ‘spout’ to pour back out the excess glitter.

You might also want to tape a plastic storage bag into the insides of each boot.  This will prevent too much glitter from going inside the boot while you are covering it.  Just use some rolled up strips of masking tape to hold the bag close to the top edge.

Start with a smaller section of the boot and cover with the bonding medium.

Cover that section with glitter. (Pour glitter out onto the boot while holding it over the tray)

Shake off the excess glitter into the tray. The first section is now complete!

Continuing around the boot in small sections, repeat the previous steps until your entire boot is covered!

At this point what I did was let them dry for a bit (an hour or two or more if you prefer) then decided they needed a second coat.  In the picture above the boot in back has two coats of glitter, and the front has only the one. Notice how the one coat still lets some of the black show through. This is part of what I mentioned earlier about a complimentary color—you may find you like the original color to show through a bit. Also notice how I covered the bottom edges of the boot as well. I did this because I did not want the black sole to show (except on the bottom—I don’t care about that so much).  I expect over time this will wear away faster (whereas if you leave the lip of the sole just plain rubber it will take the brunt of the wear and tear), but for now it looks better covered, imo.

 After I let the second coat sit for a bit to dry, I then did another coat of the bonding medium to seal the glitter.

Now for the really long, boring part: let it dry! I found it was best to let it sit for 72 hours (yikes!), which I know is a long time, but I found the bond to still be a bit tacky after only 24-36 hours.  I don’t know if it’s just because it has been humid around these parts, but I wanted to make sure I didn’t take these babies out for a spin too early. (Even now, over 72 hours later, I still find them to be kinda ‘sticky’ to the touch, but I’m hoping over time it will dry completely.  I still wore them and they seemed fine other than that.)

I also put a couple coats of shoe waterproofer on intermittently as it was drying.  I don’t know if this helped or hurt the whole ‘sticky’ issue, but I thought it would help add another layer of sealant.

Today it just happened to be raining (yes!), so I took ‘em out in some puddles to see how they would hold up.  As expected, the bottom edges of the soles got a bit soggy and soft, but overall they seemed to do great!  Obviously only time will tell how durable they will be in the long term, but I’m willing to sacrifice the time and effort in order to have a brand new pair of sparkly boots!

({[UPDATE]}) Things I’d do differently next time:

  • I’d try to stick to only one coat of glitter with a thin layer of the bonding medium—after wearing them for a while I did notice some ‘bubbling’ under the surface and got a few tears where the boots wrinkle the most.  Hopefully just one thinner coat would help to solve this issue.
  • Along similar lines, I would try not to coat the bottom edge of the sole. As I predicted, that is the first part to start to scrape off.
  • I’d experiment with some different sealants, perhaps finding one that would prevent the above issues.
  • I’d make a pair in every color since one is not enough!!

Now go jump in some puddles!


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