Pie & the Stuff of Life

The pie of my life can be summed up in three simple words:

sweet | spicy | sparkly

When setting out to create my masterpiece, I made a conscious decision not to use a recipe.  Sure there is something to be said for the careful planning and execution of certain tasks, but I think some of the best moments in life come out of pure, impulsive spontaneity.  Things are either going to turn out wonderfully amazing, or fail miserably—but that’s what’s so exciting!

I started by heating some blackberries in a pot on the stove, along with some white sugar, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a bit of sage. I also added some cornstarch dissolved in water to thicken it all up and make it nice and gooey and yummy.

While I wanted the inside of my pie super sweet, the outside had to have a little bit of a spicy/tangy kick to it (ahem, metaphor…).  I took a store bought crust (because let’s be honest, sometimes you just need a shortcut in life) and sprinkled it with some black pepper, a touch of sage, and some fresh lemon zest.

I made them into miniature pie pops, the effect of which can be achieved by using either a pie pop maker or a regular oven. Simply cut out rounds for the crust, add a lollipop stick to the center, and bake in the maker or on a cookie sheet.

Finish by dusting with some edible glitter for that extra added sparkle.

If I’ve learned but one thing in my short life so far, it is that we must take the good with the bad, the sweet with the spicy, because there will certainly be plenty of both!  Nothing in life—not even pie—is permanent, so savor life’s sweet moments when you can, and when you hit a bit of spice, stop for a second while you catch your breath and regain your senses.

…And always remember to add a touch of glitter!


Want to make your own sweet, spicy, & sparkly pie pop? Mix and match your own using the table below—and of course feel free to add your own ingredients! {To print, just click the image which will open it as a PDF}


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