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One of my main projects and signature styles has been making mixed-media lariats based on a variety of themes. A lariat is a simple lasso-type necklace that is generally one long beaded strand that can be looped around itself to wear, offering numerous, versatile styles.

What’s in a name?

When I was little I couldn’t pronounce “jewelry” correctly, so I went around calling it “jewelier” (pronounced “jewel-ee-er”). My family still teases me to this day, so I figure it’s got to be a name that sticks!

241 Collection

The 241 Collection is a series of pieces that can be worn as either one lariat necklace or two separate necklaces. They can be layered, mixed and matched, or used in the ways described below. These versatile pieces are therefore 2 for the price of one (get it? 241 = 2 for 1) :D

Ideas for Wear and Use

The lariats and the 241 Collection are quite versatile and there are many different ways you can choose to wear your lariat*. (The easiest way to think of your lariat is as a scarf—how many different ways can you wear a scarf?) Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Suggested Ways to Wear Your 241 Collection Piece:

Wear as two separate necklaces…

…or connect into one full lariat

Suggested Ways to Wear Your Lariat

  • Standard
  • Wrap
  • Drape
  • Belt
  • Knot
  • Double Wrap
  • Wear it:
    Wear it like a tie with a collared, button down shirt
    Wear it as a wrapped bracelet
    Wear it like a headband in your hair
  • Display it:
    Use as a decorative piece
    Use it as table décor or a room accent
    Use them to tie back your curtains
    Put one in a shadow box and use as a wall decoration

*However, remember to handle all handmade items with care, as I am unable to guarantee every item to be able to withstand every way of wear. Just keep in mind that these pieces are intended to be wearable works of art, and should be treated as such.

There is no limit to what you can use them for—let your creativity run wild!
I’d love to see what kinds of things you come up with, so feel free to send me a picture of how you wear/use your lariats!


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