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Author Paullina Simons wearing one of my lariats!

When I read The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons, I was completely in love with the story, and decided to show my appreciation for her work by making a lariat inspired by her work.  She sent me this picture, as well as featuring it on her Facebook page! Below is what she had to say! :D

Dear Jessica,

WOW! It’s stunning. I can’t tell you how impressed my husband, my sister and I all were by your incredible labor of love! It is really unbelievably beautiful, but also, the detail work is exceptional. I mean, you made a tiny little book into which you glued american dollars in the back, and Russian rubles in the front! That’s some serious effort, Jessica! My sister as a joke said, what, she didn’t write out the Bronze Horseman poem in tiny little script in the original Russian? But it just goes to show you how floored we were by your design. Thank you again very very much. Next time I have a reading I’m wearing it to the event. Right now it sits by my computer on the desk in my office. You attached it to the necklace holder so nicely, I know that when I take it off, I won’t be able to attach it like that again.

With my heartfelt thanks,



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